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160K€ to 425K€ MRR growth led to €10M+ Series A.
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+6 100 000 € yearly sales increase.
Case study
1M€ more profit for SaaS by adding inbound to outbound.
Case study
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Hire a complete team for the price of one inbound expert

Get everything you need to run systematic learning-based weekly growth sprints starting at only 4900 €/month. Get a proven process and a complete team ready to push your business management, marketing, analytics, web development and sales processes to the next level.

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Full transparency.
Brutal honesty.
Added value.

Develop your sales process to make the most out of your leads. Integrate your sales and marketing into a growth machine.

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What we do

We do weekly sprints to accelerate structured learnings to achieve your fundraising, profitability, or pivot goals. We work closely with a wide variety of European VCs to focus exactly on what actually matters.
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Who we are

Full growth partner with a solid investor network to help you to focus on the right things by doing enough.We are the only player operating at all stages starting from pre-seed, pre-product, and pre-PMF.
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