+180% MRR for a global SaaS service

Howspace is a digital collaboration tool that found itself front and centre of an unprecedented growth opportunity due to the global covid pandemic. Truly helped find scalable marketing tactics that were critical in order to seize a unique momentum and to scale their lead acquisition from 60 to over 800 leads per month.


Howspace is an AI-powered digital collaboration tool used for facilitating workshops, virtual events and digital learning programs. From the beginning, the goal has always been to reach a global audience.

+180 %
During 2020 MRR grew from under 160 000 € to over 425 000 €
+1233 %
Number of monthly leads grew 1233%
Successfully launched critical new markets in U.S., Canada, U.K., and Germany
“Truly delivered exceptionally well and met our expectations when it came to finding new ways of scaling our lead generation and sales. Their systematic way of doing growth hacking has also helped the adoption of the process inside our team.”

Sanni Juoperi, Head of Marketing, Howspace

Growth objective

In the beginning of 2020 Howspace’s growth was steady but not scaling as fast as a SaaS product could. The early adopters were digital natives that loved the way the service was able to bring people together virtually to collaborate and learn, but it seemed a wider market was not yet there – people were still ok with using time and effort to work and meet in physical spaces.

The Covid19 pandemic and a global shift toward remote work was the starting point to a global race to seize a market that formed almost overnight. Suddenly, potential customers all over the world were suddenly eager to adopt new tools. The market fit was in flux, with customers discovering new needs, and businesses trying to adapt to them. After discovering the massive growth opportunity, the teams at Howspace and Truly formed a unified growth team.

How we got there

No-one knew how long the pandemic was going to last, and how serious it would be, so in order to seize the opportunity in the market, they needed a quick and systematic way of getting results.  

Together we tested several new tactics for sales lead acquisition in new and existing channels. Many countries were already initiating curfews, and suddenly people and organizations were scrambling to find new ways of doing business virtually. The Howspace platform is very versatile, which meant that it could solve many different user needs. We also tested several different use cases in order to find the most potential ones to focus on.

Scaling your business globally requires marketing tools that scale quickly and effortlessly. Through a systematic growth hacking process, the growth team quickly zeroed in on a combination of Google SEM and Linkedin. This gave us a range of powerful tools to reach potential customers already looking for solutions for specific problems and helped create cost effective interest in audiences we had already tested, and found to be very promising.

The key ingredient of the marketing communication was using combinations of problems and solutions and finding relevant audience for them. The team used various tactics from downloadable lead magnets to direct response. All this proved to be very effective very quickly. We were able to launch completely new markets around the globe in mere weeks, and the sales team quickly started converting masses of leads into customers with an unprecedented rate.