A 1M € growth leap for a SaaS product​

RPT Byggfakta offers SaaS tools for the construction industry, helping companies find better sales leads. Focusing on improving their inbound lead acquisition, Truly growth hacked their sales and marketing funnel to increase their sales revenue by a whopping 1M €, with up to 12x ROMI.


RPT Byggfakta offers digital SaaS services for the construction industry, that provides customized sales information about ongoing construction projects to companies looking to improve their sales process. Their services had already been enjoying steady sales and market share. Their main sales tool was cold calling, with minimum effort going into marketing.

1 M€
New business sales through marketing efforts increased by over 1M €
New business contracts grew by over 30% year-on-year
Marketing yielded up to 12x ROMI

Growth objective

RPT wanted to improve their sales process by transforming their outbound sales model into an inbound model driven by data and marketing. Together we set initial objectives that we started working towards.

How we got there

We started by analyzing their existing data about their target audience. Based on that data, we created our first customer personas and growth hypotheses.

The first marketing tests used custom audiences based on their existing customers. This allowed a company operating in a narrow niche market to utilize platforms like Facebook and Linkedin in a very cost effective way. We also quickly built an MVP website focused on lead acquisition and SEO.

After reaching promising results with our initial tests, we started systematically scaling the marketing setup to new channels, and increasing the marketing budget. Especially Google Ads showed a lot of potential for scaling.

Once the bought marketing channels were set up, we shifted focus towards organic lead acquisition through SEO and PR. One of the biggest successes was a downloadable quarterly report that gathered insights and data about the construction industry. The report has become widely followed by reporters, and is often reported on by leading media, earning a lot of valuable media visibility.