The startup guide to growth hacking

Growth hacking is a simple but powerful process of reaching goals. Download our practical guide on using the growth hacking process.
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The goal of this guide is to get you started with growth hacking. You can be an entrepreneur, CEO or a part of any function of a company. Whatever your role is, you can implement something useful in your work routines by using the growth hacking methodology.

Our guide goes through all the relevant steps in adopting a growth hacking process:

  • Systematic problem solving
  • Embedding growth hacking 
into a startup organisation
  • The basic growth hacking process
  • Working with OKR’s
  • Monitoring your progress
  • AAARRR: The Pirate Metrics framework
  • Establishing a testing routine
  • Time management 
(not micromanagement)
  • Creating transparency through communication
  • Most common growth hacking pitfalls

“Truly’s growth team helped us build sales more efficiently. Their data-driven process was just the thing we needed.”

Sanni juoperi / Head of Growth / Howspace

MRR for a global SaaS service
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