+400% sales lead growth for a software company

Creating a well functioning inbound sales machine is often the decisive component of any amazing growth success story. Software company Kisko Labs is no exception.
Kisko Labs Success Story

Kisko Labs Success Story

Kisko Labs is a growing software development company hailing from Finland. Like with any successful startups, creating happy customers are at the core of Kisko’s business culture. They serve an interesting mix of tech startups and established companies looking to digitize their business.

In the software development business talent is scarce, so in order to grow, Kisko has been developing their customer experience and delivery processes to be prepared to take a significant growth leap in the next few years.

Monthly SQL volume grew by 400%
First strategic SQL milestone was reached very quickly, in just 2 months

“Working with Truly has been effective and most importantly for me: easy. We use Slack at Kisko Labs and we also use it with Truly. I constantly know what Truly is working on and I have a clear dashboard where I can see the current status.”

Antti Akonniemi, Kisko Labs

Growth objective

The collaboration kicked off in late 2021. The key growth objective of increasing the YoY revenue for 2021 up to 2.5 M€ seemed to be slipping out of reach, and new sales were very much driven by outbound efforts and recommendations from happy clients.

Together we clarified growth objectives, and created a tangible and ambitious objective for inbound sales leads (15 sales qualified leads (SQL’s) per month).

How we got there

After OKR’s were established, we set about building the inbound sales lead machine through weekly growth sprints. We analysed and optimised the Kisko Labs website for conversions, and adjusted the analytics setup.

First marketing test sprints were conducted on Linkedin, Google Ads and Meta. The main call to action was getting potential customers to easily outline the digital service or app idea they were planning to launch. When analysing our learnings, one of the things we noticed quickly was that while we weren’t converting leads directly from the ads, the sharp spikes in volume of leads through organic search correlated nicely with the campaigns we were running. This made sense – B2B decision makers aren’t necessarily able to summarise their needs on one sitting – instead they let their ideas simmer and activate when the time is right.

From all the channels and tactics we tested, the Meta platform proved to be the most effective in terms of quantity and quality of leads very early on.

Key learnings

Attributing marketing campaign performance to sales leads converting through organic channels can be a real hassle. In these types of cases sales people are actually the key source of lead quality and marketing performance info. In this particular case sales people were very good at getting and sharing intel.

Even before scaling their marketing and sales effort, Kisko Labs had already done extensive work honing things like their delivery process to make sure scaling up doesn’t negatively affect the great quality their customers appreciate them for.

Ps. If you have an idea for a great app, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Antti 👈🏼