+357% increase in lead volume for a early-stage insurance startup

Wertti is a new kind of online service helping insurance companies scale their sales by providing better sales leads. With just a few months of rigorous testing we were able to validate their product/market fit, and to provide amazing results and data that will help them on their growth journey.


Wertti is on a mission to make the insurance industry more customer centric. Wertti helps people understand what kind of insurance they need, and with just one click, send sales requests to insurance companies. The process generates quality sales leads at scale, but the whole concept was completely new to all stakeholders, and was yet to be validated. They aim to become part of the insurance industry ecosystem, not to disrupt the existing players but to partner with them and help them grow.

increase in lead volume
decrease in CAC
increase in partnership SQL’s
"Truly has helped launch the Wertti service successfully, making strong use of data-driven decision-making."

Aleksi Kukkonen, CEO

Growth objective

Wertti aims to transform the industry, and to make their service the preferred way of getting insurance. The first step however was to validate the concept from start to finish. Together we set the objective of generating 150 successfully completed consumers insurance requests per month, and to reach a revenue positive growth cycle by increasing the amount of insurance company partners.

How we got there

The collaboration was kicked off with Wertti’s team, including their strategic development partner Kodan. Wertti already had the first version of the service under construction, so we focused on setting up and launching the initial lead acquisition setup including analytics, Email marketing, Meta, Google and Linkedin. On top of these we also tested organic PR outreach, landing the service some well earned media exposure.

We tested several different lead acquisition tactics. One that proved to be very successful was a downloadable lead magnet called “5 minute guide to getting insurance”. The contents boiled down everything you needed to know about insurance into a quick guide, and the leads generated helped Wertti grow their CRM, and to kickstart their email lead nurturing quickly. 

Google Ads proved to be a very effective lead acquisition channel, as we were able to decrease our CAC week by week by more than 38%. After just a couple of months of testing, we are currently on track to successfully double the volume of insurance requests.

The biggest challenge after getting lead acquisition running smoothly was getting the insurance companies onboard. The insurance industry moves slowly, and we needed to get the initial product/market fit validation quickly. 

The service had 0 awareness among their potential insurance company partners. We quickly understood that there’s only a very limited number of big insurance companies in the country, and the most cost effective way of increasing our awareness was to focus our marketing efforts on each one individually. We started this on Linkedin by exposing the key stakeholders in these companies to the consumer lead acquisition ads we were running. 

This was the perfect way of letting them know there was a new player in the market. As Wertti’s sales team started reaching out to these companies, they heard their marketing had already piqued the interest of many decision makers. From just one initial insurance partner, they were quickly able to enter the negotiation stage with 4 more potential partners, which has the potential to help them scale their business massively.

In just a few months of testing, we were able to validate massive growth potential by developing their lead and partnership funnels through a systematic growth hacking process. The future looks bright for Wertti.

Key learnings

When aiming to find new lead acquisition channels, don’t hesitate to test all tools at your disposal. Linkedin is the go-to tool for many B2B startups, but it can work for B2C products as well.

Even if your B2B sales process is based on outreach instead of inbound lead gathering, improving the awareness of your company with precision-targeted advertising can create a huge impact for outreach success.

With Wertti, we needed to change the way customers think about insurance, changing focus from just the price of insurance to the quality and coverage you get. Based on insights shared by the service development partner Kodan, we were able to move quickly to the right direction.