380% Increase in sales for MLOps platform

Valohai is an MLOps platform that automates integrations for data scientists and CTOs. Previously relying on conferences for sales leads, Truly created an inbound marketing machine that propelled digitally sourced leads by over 400%.
Valohai Success Story

Valohai Success Story

Valohai is an MLOps platform that automates and seamlessly integrates machine learning processes via cloud computing. Creating the opportunity for the data science community to focus on testing rather than configuration.

Volume of digitally sourced leads has grown more than 400%
8 days
Average time from marketing lead to SQL decreased from 21 to just 8 days
Sales revenue has increased 380%

Growth objective

Valohai’s growth almost came to a grinding halt in the beginning of 2020 when Covid19 became a global concern. Since most of their leads and sales came from conferences, they needed to build a unique and customized digital marketing process from scratch.

How we got there

In the same way that Valohai approaches machine learning, Truly approaches marketing. As the way CEO Eero Laaksonen puts it, “There isn’t a silver bullet. You need to systematically follow the process and the data.” And that’s exactly what Truly did.

Truly needed to create an operational framework from the ground up. “It’s difficult to build a marketing process if you’ve never done it before. We knew that we needed some outside help,” said Laaksonen.

Following the creed of the Truly growth hacking method, the primary first steps involved awareness and acquisition. Since most Valohai customers live in North America, and specifically the San Francisco Bay Area, the first focus was connecting with their audience in a personalized way.

Truly amplified their digital presence and optimized the sales pipeline in a step by step process, and helped Valohai identify improvements in advertisements, website and content.

After collaborating with Truly, Valohai has exceeded their initial expectations, with leads now at nearly 400% of what it was in the beginning. This massive influx of leads created opportunities to improve the sales process and onboard more sales leads quickly and efficiently, reducing the time between lead and SQL from 21 days to 8.

Valohai continues the systematic approach to marketing activities laid down by Truly and continues to see growth and optimization at every stage in development.