The Path to Profitable Startup Growth

Profitability is quickly becoming a major startup trend. Download our practical guide to building revenue-positive startup growth.
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Time and money are the most important resources for a Startup. The requirements investors have for the startups they invest in is rapidly changing. Startup founders that have been focused on building an investor story focused only on massive growth potential might be unpleasantly surprised when more and more investors start asking about sales pipeline transparency, personnel costs, customer insights and profitability.

On the following pages you’ll find the main focus areas on the path to profitable startup growth. The topics we go through include:

  • Calculating profitability
  • Pipeline visibility
  • Customer insight and profitability
  • Improving sales and marketing profitability
  • Inhouse team vs outsourcing
“Truly’s growth team helped us build sales more efficiently. Their data-driven process was just the thing we needed.”

Sanni juoperi / Head of Growth / Howspace

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